About Us

The Bixie Legend and Qijia Market are divisions of Qijia Mirror Inc. We are a Canadian company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We started by, and still sell beautiful, energy saving LED Mirrors.


I get the mirrors but whats with the winged lion?

The name Qijia refers to apart of China where some of the first bronze age mirrors were found. When we were looking for a logo we came across a mythical creature from Chinese and Japanese culture...a Bixie. Part lion and part dragon the Bixie is a bringer of good fortune. When we looked further into that region we came across two other animals. The Snow Leopard and the Red Panda.

Nobody knows the exact numbers for both species but the Snow Leopards are estimated to have numbers between 3,500 and 7,000 and Red Pandas are believed to have less than 10,000.

We decided to help.

How we are trying to help.

The Bixie Legend is a fantasy tale, a free to read online comic. (We publish a new  page every month.) You can read the comic by either scrolling down web pages or as a Flip Book. Supporting merchandise is available here at  Qijia Market. A percentage from all Bixie Legend merchandise goes to either The Snow Leopard Trust or the Red Panda Network.

Plush Toys of the three main characters, Taria, Twilie, and Flix are available on-line and from Edmonton Valley and Calgary Zoos.

T-shirts, Mugs and iPhone cases are available on-line.

For further information to find out more about how you can help both these special animals please visit these websites.

Snow Leopards https://snowleopards.org

Red Pandas https://redpandanetwork.

 Our three main characters Taria the Bixie, Twilie the Snow Leopard and Flix the Red Panda

 For further information about either mirrors  or  the Bixie Legend, contact us at:

Qijia Mirror Inc.,

Suite 190 2057-111 St NW,

Edmonton, AB, T6J 4V9.





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